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Young Ballerinas



1 year old - 4 years old

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Dance Class


18 years old+

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Young Gymnasts Practicing Pointe


5 years old - 11 years old

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12 years old - 17 years old

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Playing with White Balloons

Dance with Me

Age: 1 year - 2 years

Our Dance with Me class is a delightful and interactive "Mommy and Me" style dance class designed to create a special bonding experience between caregivers and their little dancers. This class combines movement-based learning with daily activities, providing a dynamic and engaging environment for exploration and growth. Through a variety of fun and age-appropriate movement exercises, Dance with Me aims to boost your child's confidence while fostering a deep connection between caregiver and dancer. Each Dance with Me class lasts for 30 minutes, allowing for an ideal balance between engagement and attention span for both caregivers and little dancers.

Discover the excitement of exploring dynamic movements, building confidence, and creating lasting memories together in this fun new environment.


Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and more are welcome.

Saturdays 10-10:30am

Young Ballerinas

Pre-Dance Program

Age: 3 years - 4 years

Our Pre-Dance program is an exciting and engaging dance class specially designed for enthusiastic 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds. This interactive and fun-filled class provides a nurturing environment where young dancers can explore the joy of movement, develop coordination skills, and express themselves through music and dance.


During each session, our expert instructors focus on fostering a love for dance while introducing foundational techniques and building fundamental motor skills. The class incorporates a variety of age-appropriate activities, games, and exercises that enhance balance, flexibility, rhythm, and spatial awareness. Each pre-dance class lasts for 45 minutes, providing an ideal duration for the attention span of young dancers.

Pre-dance dancers have the exciting opportunity to participate in an end-of-season showcase, where they will demonstrate their newly acquired skills and creativity through a choreographed dance routine. This special event celebrates their achievements and provides a platform for them to shine on stage. The showcase builds confidence, teamwork, and stage presence, creating cherished memories for both the dancers and their families. Join us in our Pre-Dance program and be a part of this magical showcase that highlights the growth and passion of our talented young dancers.

Pre-Dance 3

Wednesdays 4:30-5:15PM
Saturdays 10:30-11:15AM

Pre-Dance 4

Wednesdays 5:15-6:00PM
Saturdays 11:15AM-12:00PM

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